In our riding school you will find:

First Driving from scratch,
Second Exploring the mysteries of the horse's psyche,
Third Improvement of riding skills through constant practice and probing tests
4th Assistance and professional support in the quest for harmony between the rider and his horse,
5th Preparing for exams equestrian
6th Carriage rides, rallies and picnics,
7th Individual approach to each rider and horse,
8th Group recreational and sporting verve,
9th The curriculum for children 3-6 years-13 years 0.7 14-18 years
10th Training dressage, putting young horses and the correction of bad habits,
11th There is riding, parkour, forest trails, and in case of bad weather driving are held in a full-size indoor arena.
12th The course is conducted by a qualified, experienced and passionate staff,
13th A visit to our stable is also a perfect escape from everyday life for both adults and children,
14th And if you want your child to:

  • found a passion that will protect them from threats of the modern world, yet prepare for hard rules of adulthood,
  • help in the exercise of self-improvement, achievement of the objectives,
  • learned the taste of rivalry, defeats and victories,
  • sensitized to the needs of other beings,
  • found friends in the world of humans and animals,
  • want to help him in a difficult adolescence under the supervision of teachers with open hearts and minds to the world of a young man.

That there is nothing else like an invitation to use our stable