Nasz dom

Stable was founded out of passion Kębłowicach helmet - a small, quiet village in Mazovia. In 2005 it all began with one horse named Laila, soon arrived mare Fanta and several other horses.

Laila called the domain name of our service. Laila is our oldest mare, very prudent and resolute in their behavior - the mother of many beautiful horses in our stable - the herd is under her care. Another horse lived with us a few months later and so began his first vacation in the saddle, which continue today.

Agrotourism and running horse has become our life, turning them 180 degrees and for all. In 2006 we began construction of a large barn of a hotel with the intention of creating a common home for us, our horses and their lovers. A lot has already been done but more and more new ideas encourage us to create. Currently Kęblowicach home to more than 10 horses and from the beginning of the guesthouse was born 5 beautiful foals.