Kębłowice 1

Professional stables near Plonsk

If you are looking for a stable located near Plonsk, be sure to visit us - our barn is located in the small town Kębłowice, located about 50 km from Warsaw on the road to Plock.

The farm has been producing plant, we also own horses. Barn is run by a specialist, established in 2004. See photos.

Within the stables are lonżownik and riding arenas outside of the ground sand and grass. We also paddocks and pastures, which in view of the horses were sown grass mixture specially tailored for them.

The area is small, but very picturesque forest, in which you can delve into the horse walks.

Building our barn was built around 2005, is brick, tall, with, which translates into conditions inside:'s cool in the summer and in winter we do not have to worry about freezing and water drinkers. Due to its size and large number of windows is clear. In the stable there are storage room, piggery, garages, farm dogs. There are residents: two saddle, bathroom, living room with kitchen - all heated in winter and a fireplace and barbecue.

Our barn is still developing, from year to year we grow the infrastructure and plans for future years. Operate so as to ensure the welfare of our students here. For each horse individually. We ask them especially appropriate amount of roughage, which is in the nature should be the basis of their food and feed used in the form of crumpled oats our production. We care about the cleanliness of stalls in a stable order, and a fair amount of traffic in the fresh air in the company of other horses throughout the year.