Every hour is assigned to a certain degree of sophistication. Please request deadline.

The drive can be saved using the following systems:

  • take out the entire semester - about 16 rides - fixed term;
  • subscribe to mobile min. Eight rides - the deadline we set phone or in person before the next ride;
  • drive single - ordered in person or by telephone.

Price license is varied depending on the time and attendance system for driving.

Before choosing a term should be to inquire whether a particular drive before you have to prepare a horse, or he will be prepared by the staff stable. Driving takes place in groups led by an instructor in the field or in the arena. The rider is obliged to wear protective helmets (for hire at the resort) and singlestick (Bacik riding). Dress must be suitable for horse riding.

Our permanent, year-round program includes:

  • horseback riding for children, adolescents and adults
  • hippotherapy
  • horse and sleigh rides
  • Weddings and assists Horse
  • rental of horses and riders for commercials and films
  • young dressage horses, znarowionych, training, oprzęganie
  • B & B for horses, transport
  • event catering, picnics, field schools
  • party access roads to schools and kindergartens
  • outdoor events, picnics in the saddle for Kindergarten