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Purpose of dressage is the harmonious development of natural abilities and capacities horse, training a horse carrying a light rider, balanced, flexible, well and quickly responsive to commands. Well ujeżdżony horse gives the impression that the performance of even the most difficult exercises comes to him very easily. The horse and rider together should represent the harmony and elegance, fluidity of movement, peace, balance and mutual understanding.

We invite you to our school horses, which with great passion and explore practical and theoretical knowledge backed by years of experience working with the horse we:

  • work with a horse from scratch,
  • preparing young horses under saddle,
  • dressage training,
  • horse skills,
  • training a horse and its rider,
  • correction of bad habits
  • correction of the older horse or problematic,
  • provide individual attention to each student with a particular focus of his mental and physical capabilities.