Our horses are ready to work with both beginners and experienced enthusiasts and horses. They have a gentle disposition.

In the stables you can see both the ponies and large horses so you can ride for children and adults.

Horse Funia

XANTYPA -/wlkp / b. 09.20.1997 - we called Funi, both beginners and more seasoned riders appreciate Funi as a great horse because of its highly skilled dressage and jumping, while gentleness and patience, which turns out to lunge at work with children.

Koń Patek

SOCRATES -/mały horse / b. , 2000. - It's a small horse, but it resides in the admirable temperament, a horse with a great charisma, ambition, courage and great heart. Very softly she wears. Despite the small size perfectly matches the other horses at a gallop, thanks to the incredible agility and speed.

Koń Perez

PEREZ -/SP / ur.15.04.2003 przystojniaczek This is the largest horse in our stable. With the perfect character and gentleness perfectly suited as a horse for driving lessons for both beginners and advanced riders. Excellent jumper. Beautifully presented in the team.

Koń Chabeta

TINO - / SP / b. 1998 An experienced horse in the races. A good rider quickly find a common language and pleasure in the off-road and on the course. Weaker will not do harm. A great mother.

Koń Gnat

MAGNUS - / wlkp / b. , 1999. A horse used for weaker riders. Despite the lower temper without trouble keeping pace with other wierzchowcom. Calmly tolerate gaps equestrian skills and experience. Works well in harness and lanyard.